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I love Outbacks and Legacy GT wagons. The coolest Subaru I’ve ever seen was a maroon with gold flake Legacy GT Wagon on those gold Subaru wheels. Would love a STi drivetrain or H6. Or a Saab 9-3 SportCombi with 4wd yeahhhh

Basically a 4wd estate, I need one in my life yes. I’ve just convinced myself I need a JDM twin-turbo legacy, I can get one for under £3000 so I’m hoping if I get a job it’ll be my next car. As nice as that maroon one sounds I’m all about the purple/blue colour Legacies.

Like this beauty, I really really wanted to buy it, I was watching it on ebay and it went for £2500, so cheap, yet far too much for me, maybe soon, hopefully.

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I just love that they’re doing such a wild and unique build. I think it’s what we all dream of being able to do when we think about building a car. I want a mad turbo 4wd 6-speed wagon. How fun would that be?! MCM is the best grassroots car show

Exactly, I’m desperate for a Legacy GT-B, and this just an insane car with the same basic shell, it’s literally my dream. I also love how Subarus are basically just lego cars, I have so many ideas with them because of this, which basically involves putting STi drivetrains into Outbacks and shitty looking Foresters. The turbo flat-six crossed my mind, but everyone said it was too hard to be done, but seeing MCM do this makes me just so happy.


The Defender Challenge by Bowler rally series completed Round 4 at the 2014 Welsh Hill Rally with six teams taking the start in their Bowler-prepared Land Rover Defender 90 vehicles.

This was the first two-day rally of the series and it was Edd Cobley and co-driver Kevin Handley that took top honours meaning they have now won 3 out of the first 4 events of the Defender Challenge by Bowler series.

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